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QUADCARGOBIKE...........from 2 to 4 wheels


Why it's born ?

Considering the increasing market demand for the availability of a flexible and economic minicargobike, we have thought to produce a  2 wheels frame which is strictly tied to the rear basket rack of a 20” (or 24”) folding bike, where to install a platform  to carry various loads:

  • a large box

  • a inphant-seat support

  • an ADV panel ….

The bike becomes a quad-cycle, having tricycle stability and the possibility to get back to the bike when the cargo frame is no longer needed.

By comparing this solution to the classic one, the tow-trailer, in addition to the stability, we have the advantages to carry heavier loads on 3 wheels and more manoeuvrability and control, due to the shorter length of the vehicle.

Furthermore we are proposing a folding bike, good for adults and children, which can be easily carried in a car van, just by disassembling the two components.



The QuadCargoBike can be supplied with or without the Electrical kit, with or without the special cargobox

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