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Electrical Assisted Pedal System 

Our original multifunction tricycles can be equipped with an electrical motor kit which helps the pedaling. 


What  EAPS  means ?

It means  an electrical motor / battery  kit which adds propulsion to the human action.


The Italian Road Law defines "the bike a pedal vehicle with two or more wheels", consequently the tricycles

and four-wheels-cycles follow the same regulations of a bike.

An electrical kit, consisting basically of an electrical motor and a battery plus accessories,

must however  respect the following limits:


  • The motor is activated by the pedals movement

  • The  maximum  electrical power is 250 watts

  • The motor is active within 25Km/h speed


By respecting such limits its homologation, plate and insurance are not required, since they are not considered a motorcycle.

The kit components are the following:

  • An Electrical Motor, normally a DC motor, installed in a wheel or centrally in the pedal mechanism.

  • A  Litium battery with power capacity ranging from 9 to 15 Ah, which can grant a power authonomy varing from 40 to 100 Km, but of course at cost and weight increases.

  • A Control Unit which distributes the signals to the components. It can be incorporated in the battery box or it is an additional small box.

  • A Monitor Unit , available with  LED or LCD display, which operates on/off mode and presents various information ( from 1 to 5 level of power support, greater the number higher is the power support, Battery status, Trip data..)

  • A Speed Sensor, named PAS, which activates the motor and stops it  over the 25 Km/h or when the cyclist stops to pedal definitely.

  • Finally a portable Battery Charger

                                                                               click picture to zoom



In our vehicles the motor is installed in the front wheel.

The CityCargoBike can operate with battery ranging from 9 to 15 Ah, which  is located in the bottom level of the rear frame.

In the QuadCargoBike a 9 Ah battery  is  located below the saddle of the bike, so that can be operative also without cargo frame.

The batteries can be keylocked onboard and taken out when has to be reloaded at any domestic wall-socket.



Beeing the Low different in each country, upon request our tricycles can also equipped with Motor kits accepted in the specific nation.

LCD  Display

LCD Display

Battery in QuadCargoBike

Battery in QuadCargoBike

Motor in the front wheel

Motor in the front wheel

Battery in the CityCargoBike

Battery in the CityCargoBike

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